Privacy Policy

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Privacy policy for students as well as customers!

1. The students who have participated in the course should refer to a few notes. To help businesses, as well as students, promote the brand, we can publish some information on web channels, forums, and social networks…

2. For our paid SEO services, after six months of counseling and support, we can consider making it public as a partner or customer.

A. Privacy Policy

1. Keep confidential information and data of customers accessing the website, unless agreed to publish from the client.

2. Promptly take care of customer complaints about service quality within our responsibilities.

3. Comply with the legal regulations of industrial property rights and copyright.

B. Collect client information (visitors website)

In order to improve the quality of service and provide customers with better products, we may ask you for some information such as email, full name, phone number…

In some cases, we collect information to provide better services to all users such as IP, browser cookies (see more on Wikimedia about cookies).
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